Saturday, November 12, 2005

Hollywood's pro-life box office bust

Last summer's The Island, out on DVD next month, received mostly negative reviews and flopped at the box office.

Yet this big-budget Michael Bay action film provides a very powerful pro-life message. LIBERTAS calls it "quite possibly the most aggressively '‘conservative' film this year." What?!

I saw the movie yesterday and found it entertaining, exciting, funny, and - most importantly - powerful (in a moral way). [WARNING: Possible spoilers ahead] Its premise isn't original in Hollywood, but it clearly relates to issues of today. Clones of rich people are created so that their body parts can be harvested and given to benefit the "originals" when health problems arise.

In both the film and in real life (with embryonic stem cell research), innocent human beings are killed in order to help others. And The Island takes the obvious moral position on the issue. (Gene Edward Veith notes that "whether its message comes from the views of the filmmakers...or whether it just emerges logically from the movie's premise, The Island packs a powerful pro-life punch." The filmmakers aren't necessarily against ESCR - in fact, I doubt most of them are - but the pro-life message nevertheless flows from story they set up.)

Rarely will a film provide not just entertainment, but a moral truth of life-or-death importance that applies to the real world (and to specific, current issues in the real world) as well. This is such a film - moving, inspiring, and understanding of the intrinsic dignity of each and every human being.

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