Monday, October 31, 2005

United for Alito

Conservatives, that is. And it feels really, really good.

Judge Sam Alito looks to be a fantastic Supreme Court justice - one worth getting excited about.

Michelle Malkin has a huge roundup on the nomination and reaction.

A few more quick links: Leftists react; top ten reactions; parody from the American Princess. This from ScrappleFace is quite funny. Confirm Them has some examples of the media being unable to grasp the role of the judiciary. And what's this about? A strange word choice from the other John Roberts.

Update: It seems there will always be doubts about judicial nominees. (Follow-up)

Tony Blankley on this amazing turn of events. The conservative power behind the withdrawal of Miers and the nomination of Alito was incredible. Though I and some others were favorably disposed toward Miers, it has nevertheless been shown that the issue of the judiciary unites the many factions of conservatism like no other (there was some disagreement as to whether Miers was what we wanted, but no disagreement about we what we did, in fact, want - and the importance of getting it).

It's good to see Ann Coulter back on board, who calls Alito "stunningly qualified." As Coulter writes, "There is no question about Alito's qualifications. Democrats can only oppose him for his record, which will alarm a narrow segment of lunatics commonly known as 'the Democratic Party base.' "

And Ben Shapiro can only say really, really good things about Judge Alito. I pray (and am confident that) he's right.

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