Monday, October 17, 2005

Notebook: Iraq, GOP spending, ESCR, etc.

Iraq, Islamofascism: Michelle Malkin on "a monumental week in Iraq" and the left-wing media that's trying to ruin everything. She quotes Sergeant Ron Long, an Army combat medic:
It makes my stomach ache to think that we are helping to preserve free speech in the U.S., while the media uses that freedom to try to rip down the President and our morale, as U.S. Soldiers. They seem to be enjoying the fact that they are tearing the country apart. Worthless!

Malkin adds:
The smearing of our troops, who were accused of helping stage the capture of Saddam and now stand accused of staging their support for President Bush's goals in Iraq, is especially galling to military family members who have watched the media shamelessly manipulate and fake the news with impunity for years.

Kathleen Parker investigates the mainstream media's coverage of the Iraqi vote. "[Iraqis] went to the polls and practiced democracy - again - in a country that three years ago staggered under tyrannical rule. So that even a grouchy old headline writer might concede that this was rather fabulous news." Or so you'd think.

Also, Clifford D. May has an excellent piece for understanding our war against Islamofascists. Plus, he quotes President Bush: "Having removed a dictator who hated free peoples, we will not stand by as a new set of killers, dedicated to the destruction of our own country, seizes control of Iraq by violence."

"Surely, that is a point on which there ought to be broad and bipartisan consensus," writes May in response. If only.

For more on the mission in Iraq, Cindy Sheehan, understanding Islamic terrorists, etc., see part of this recent post, as well as this and this.

Update: Why Cindy Sheehan can't support Hillary Clinton.

Mona Charen writes that some Iraqi Sunnis, the ones defending torture and mass murder, subscribe to a "tribalism," where "pride in one's own trumps every other consideration -- most definitely including morality, compassion and a love of justice." This is a big difficulty in Iraq right now - a morally-confused minority. We generally don't think we have that kind of moral thinking problem here in America, but as Charen writes,"Weirdly enough, tribalism exerts continuing force among liberals. Theirs is a reverse tribalism: They honor every group but their own. And by so doing, they cannot even bring themselves to celebrate the American-led liberation of Iraq from one of the worst monsters of our time."

Victor Davis Hanson: "...the terrorists' assault against the Iraqi democracy will end - as all failed insurrections do - not with a bang but with a whimper."

The party of fiscal responsibility again? Due to tremendous pressure from betrayed fiscal conservatives, it looks like the GOP-controlled House is actually planning to significantly cut spending - or something like that. Small-government conservatives appear to have at last regained some influence over Republican leadership. But there's still a long way to go. Also, Tom DeLay has apologized for his liberal remark from a few weeks ago.

Scott Ott has brilliant satire on this shocking news. Also, see this post.

President Bush: I wrote this recent post on the Bush presidency, and now Bruce Bartlett summarizes many of its failings (though I disagree on the Miers nomination).

Update: Has Bush betrayed fiscal conservatives? No - he ran as a big-government conservative. We knew what we were getting. Jonah Goldberg writes about the philosophical debates between Bush's kind of conservatism and, say, Reagan's more traditional, anti-state type. Liberals, incidentally, have no philosophical debates because everything's settled for them (philosophically, not practically).

Democrats in charge? I wrote here about American politics in the near future. Certainly, there's a lot going wrong for the GOP these days, but does that mean the Democrats will take over? Not with Howard Dean in charge, Jonah Goldberg writes. Dean takes advice from George Lakoff, a guy who crafts euphemisms to disguise dumb ideas. Dean and Lakoff are helping to anchor the crackpot side of the party, ensuring little success in the near future. Goldberg writes, "Lakoff's tough-love diagnosis for the Democrats: You've been right about everything for 40 years!" Just what they need!

But I can see why Dean likes him. Consider his analysis of the 9/11 attacks:
"Towers are symbols of phallic power," he wrote, "and their collapse reinforces the idea of loss of power." Then Lakoff's metaphor-analysis machine surely started to smoke. "The planes," he continued "penetrating the towers with a plume of heat, and the Pentagon, a vaginal image from the air, penetrated by the plane as missile."

Update: Despite the controversy over the Miers nomination and everything else, Rush Limbaugh writes that conservatives aren't experiencing a "crackup." Instead, liberals are horribly divided between the demonstrably insane and the moderate Democrats.

ESCR: Is non-destructive embryonic stem cell research a possibility? News reports are saying that it is. I need to do some more investigating, but it looks like serious moral problems remain.

For more on the stem cell issue, see this excellent site,, this post, and this op-ed piece.

Hillsdale College: A right-wing college campus where Democrats are the ridiculed minority? How refreshing!

Update: Grove City College - another fine institution.

Also, an example of higher education at its worst. Mike Adams writes about a professor who advocates the extermination of all white people. No joke.

Only at a university...

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