Thursday, October 06, 2005

Do you trust this man?

No, of course not. Actually, this post would be more aptly titled "Why I am not a Democrat."

I recently wrote about "controversial" remarks from William Bennett and the responses they generated. Now DNC Chairman Howard Dean has added to the backlash, calling Bennett's words "hateful" and "inflammatory."

I thus conclude, as I have many times before, that Howard Dean is either incredibly stupid or simply evil. The fact that he heads the Democratic Party shows how morally bankrupt the party has become.

Dennis Prager says that this sort of thing differentiates the "decent Left" from the "indecent Left." The indecent Left, including every Democrat I've seen comment on this issue, is using the opportunity to lie like crazy. I quoted various responses in my previous post, but Prager adds more:
Because of the controversy, Bennett postponed his scheduled speech at the University of Cincinnati. The university's College Democrats president told the Cincinnati Enquirer: "I think it's horrible to say that an entire race of people shouldn't have been born."

Newsday columnist Ellis Henican wrote that Bennett "is quickly getting famous for a bold new approach to cutting crime. Abort the black babies!"

The lead sentences in the Austin American-Statesman editorial on the issue read: "Aborting black children is an effective way to reduce the crime rate. We're not surprised that kind of racist drivel is being peddled over the public airways, but we are stunned by who is doing the peddling: William Bennett."

Talk-show host Ed Schultz said that Bennett is "out there advocating the murder of all black babies so that we can bring down crime." The NAACP's president said, "In 2005, there is no place for the kind of racist statement made by Bennett."

Again, it's either mental retardation or malice. It's discouraging to see these prominent people exhibiting such lowly character.

Prager also touches on how this libel is being published all around the world, before concluding with this useful point:
Here is a chance to find out if your liberal brother-in-law is a leftist without integrity or simply a decent guy with different values. Just ask him, "Will you condemn the libel of Bill Bennett?"

Does this rule out an entire political party? I hope not.

Brent Bozell writes on the Bennett controversy and on the shameless media bias against him. Larry Elder also writes about the situation.

Update: Trying to understand leftists can be difficult. They're generally more influenced by emotion than reason, and while they typically reject intrinsic human worth in order to justify some of their favorite practices, they value a certain "sameness." For example, liberals think it's racist to mention certain statistics - like that more black people commit crimes than white people. While normal people consider such a statistical statement to be simply a matter of fact or falsity (that is, they read the statement for what it says), liberals think it reveals the view that white people are inherently superior to black people.

Also, I wrote about the irony of abortion supporters criticizing Bennett in my earlier post. But also worth noting is the philosophy that provides the basis for both abortion and racism - the philosophy that means Bennett's critics are holding views much, much more compatible with racism than Bennett's view. And that's ironic.

Perhaps this tension in the leftists' worldview prompted their irrational reaction to Bennett's remarks.

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