Saturday, September 10, 2005

Understanding our foreign policy

On May 23 George Will gave a speech on the doctrine of preemption, and the transcript is here. As one would expect, Will - always eminently reasonable - provides a thoughtful analysis of American foreign policy ideas and their history. There are certainly pragmatic worries about our current policy, which should be debated; but the goal is the same for all reasonable Americans. Americans, traditionally, are a people with moral instincts whose resolve is only strengthened with each devastating attack.

And Chuck Colson says that we still, to a large degree, don't understand Islamic terrorism. As he puts it: "The home-grown [London] terrorists didn'’t turn to radical Islam because they were poor or oppressed - —they weren'’t. They were motivated by a religious and moral vision they couldn’'t get anywhere else..." With the apparent Western alternative being a meaningless modernism/postmodernism, terrorists have instead embraced the radical Islamic worldview. This worldview leaves no room for compromise or appeasement, hence the necessity of a bold foreign policy. As Colson says, "No amount of economic prosperity and military 'know how' can compensate for the lack of moral vision and purpose so needed today." It's about worldviews. Many people don't understand that.

Plus, John Leo writes about just how psychotic war protestor Cindy Sheehan is - which reveals significant media bias.

And Stand to Reason received a wonderful letter from Iraq - which happens to be a powerful demonstration of the importance of Christian apologetics.

For much more on the War in Iraq and Cindy Sheehan, see this recent post.

Update: Jonah Goldberg writes that red America is standing firm in a sea of European blue - and it's going to be that way for a while.

Plus, Christopher Hitchens presents arguments for the liberation of Iraq. And Jeff Jacoby writes about a blogger who has chronicled the good news coming out of Iraq.

Update: I find it fascinating how a false worldview can blind one to the truth - even the obvious truth. For instance, the MN Daily editorial board - fully aware of current events and debates - nevertheless writes editorials that are sometimes downright embarrassing in their display of ignorance. How can this be explained? By realizing that the Daily's editorial board is drenched in leftist ideology.

This recent editorial on the Iraq War is particularly ridiculous. As one reader wrote in a response, "
The Daily editorial board is dangerously ignorant of the situation, as they made clear in their misguided and heavily ideological (and not factual, logical or practical) editorial on Thursday. They would like to bend and distort the situation on the ground to suit their ideological convictions and to reassure and protect their invested opinions."

And speaking of stupidity, Mike Adams has a wonderful column on the subject.

Update: Another decent response to the MN Daily editorial. But sadly, this poorly-written piece - given that it was actually published - may sink the Daily to a new low. Thinking in this world can be so twisted.

...their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened. Although they claimed to be wise, they became fools.

- Romans 1:21-22

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