Thursday, August 18, 2005

What I've been missing

The conservative blogosphere has been abuzz about the Air America scandal in recent weeks, which I've failed to write about here. L. Brent Bozell covers the situation and the lack of proper media attention here. The gist?
On July 26, bloggers busted open a brand-new talk radio scandal, and the hypocrisy was juicy: the ultraliberal Air America radio network, the folks who would call themselves Compassion for the Poor Radio, had taken $875,000 from a children’s charity as a "loan" that it hasn’t paid back. An Air America executive that also served as development director for the Gloria Wise Boys and Girls Club of the Bronx made a "diversion" of funds for the struggling leftists.

For much more, see this piece from Byron York, plus Michelle Malkin's investigative blog report "Inside Air America," as well as her most recent column on the issue.

I've also failed to cover most of the Cindy Sheehan situation in Texas. Sheehan, an extreme leftist whose son died fighting for freedom in Iraq, is trying to dishonor his memory (and shoot down the morale of soldiers giving their lives) by aligning herself with terrorist-supporting organizations and calling for American troops to surrender. Camping outside President Bush's ranch, she's demanding to meet with the president for a second time. Though she's just a typical, though extreme, war opponent with the same tired talking points driven by emotions divorced from reason, she's become a hero of Liberal America. This should be a non-story (although it's sick for her to side with the evil men who killed her son, there are plenty of others like her).

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Here's an overview from Michelle Malkin. Plus,'s roundup:

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