Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Various notes: language, immigration, etc.

Justice Sunday II: Sunday's broadcast can be found here. The speaker lineup was excellent, including Chuck Colson, James Dobson, Ted Haggard, Tony Perkins, Tom DeLay, Zell Miller, and many more worthy of note. (Note that Bill Frist wasn't invited this time.)

On language: Chuck Colson discusses the importance of words, especially as they relate to important cultural discussions surrounding issues like Iraq and same-sex marriage. And indeed, this is crucial, because language can be used either for or against reality. Fools always justify foolish ideas with language, because language is technically independent of the reality it is designed to describe, and hence it can be manipulated to fool other fools into accepting as truth what is in fact a blatant deviation from the truth.

Immigration: The immigration issue in American politics boggles my mind. Thomas Sowell clarifies some things and explains why actually respecting the fact that illegal immigration is "illegal" for a reason is so important for our country. (Update: Chuck Colson on the issue.)

Bolstering the case for Iraqi democracy: Cal Thomas presents an excellent suggestion - that President Bush meet again with the leftist protestor outside his ranch, even though it seems obvious that he shouldn't (see my previous post for more relating to this story). His reasoning:
Here's the reason he should meet with her, but not alone. Other relatives of dead and wounded soldiers and some of the soldiers, themselves, should be included. He might also invite a few Iraqis who support the effort to free a people long held in bondage by Saddam Hussein and who face new bondage under the totalitarian dictatorship of Islamofacism if this effort fails.

The president should hold the meeting in a public place. Let the criticism flow, but let Iraqi women tell their stories about rape and torture at the hands of Saddam's now-dead sons. Allow Iraqi men to tell about life under Saddam and how grateful they are that he is gone. Wounded soldiers and families of the dead would speak in support of the war effort. Members of Sheehan's own family could come. They posted a letter on the Drudge Web site in support of the president.

According to Thomas:
A meeting with her among many would help dilute her political objective and allow other voices to be heard. It would also reinforce the president's position that withdrawal before Iraq is stabilized would do irreparable harm to American interests, Middle East stability and ultimately cost many more American lives as terrorists and fighters claim victory over the United States and feel emboldened to continue their terror campaign to establish one theocratic state after another.

This isn't Vietnam, as Sheehan claims. While Vietnam is communist, Vietnamese did not attack America on Sept. 11, nor are they infiltrating our country in an attempt to destroy us. To those who say Saddam didn't attack us on Sept. 11, the answer the president can give is that terror is all part of the same fanatical package.

And more:
The case for creating peace and stability in Iraq is a good one, but it needs to be made repeatedly because of short attention spans, bad memory and the boldness of the left, which thinks it has found the president vulnerable.

No kidding!

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