Thursday, August 11, 2005

Foreign policy notes: Empire is a duty

1) First, Jason Apuzzo lists several upcoming Hollywood films sympathetic to terrorism. This is predictable, but it took a few years after 9/11 for Hollywood to start with the more blatantly anti-American work. Apuzzo, a filmmaker, operates a conservative film blog called LIBERTAS.

2) In the middle of a column arguing for the Judeo-Christian worldview over the "secular left" worldview, Dennis Prager notes that "you cannot fight faith (radical Islam) with no faith (secularism)."

Islam, you see, provides a certain view of the world that its followers act upon. The secular left, fueled essentially by philosophical materialism and postmodernism, also provides a certain view of the world, but it doesn't espouse any substantial truths relevant to the actions of Islamic terrorists. The Judeo-Christian worldview, on the other hand, is in deep conflict with terrorism and condemns such behavior. It responds to terror by telling terrorists they're wrong. The secular left, when philosophically consistent, responds by saying that it doesn't really matter; but please don't kill us!

The worldview of Islamic terrorists is untouched by the babbling of secular leftists.

3) Some psychotic leftists continue to amaze me - the kind that accept the "
falsehood that the United States can say 'never mind,' stop its effort to help bring freedom and self-determination to Iraq and, like magic, those who now hate and wish to destroy us will also say 'never mind' and go back to killing each other instead of us," as Cal Thomas writes. Thomas interviews Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld, who gives reason for "cautious optimism" as progress continues to be made in Iraq.

4) Ben Shapiro reflects on the Iraq war and its growing unpopularity. As he writes, "
Americans are impatient isolationists at heart. We don't want to be the world's policemen." Aggressive foreign policy is definitely necessary now, but simply spreading freedom and justice by sacrificing American lives isn't tolerable for the American people (plus, there's a lot more of that to do than we can manage). That's why we need to focus on toppling corrupt regimes that also pose serious security threats to America. America can accept that. Or at least, it better - for its own sake. Indeed, as Shapiro writes, "Americans must realize that empire isn't a choice: It's a duty." (A wonderfully politically-incorrect line.) For our own safety, action like we took in Iraq is necessary.

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