Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Bush sides with Constitution

It appears that President Bush has really come through. His nomination of John Roberts to the Supreme Court sparked immediate praise from conservatives, as Roberts is apparently a reliable originalist, and that's all that matters. I'm so relieved.

But despite this judicial philosophy, Roberts is expected to be confirmed without too much resistance. Now that's a shrewd choice! Without sacrificing principle, Bush managed to find someone that won't spark a Bork-esque Senate battle. Amazing.

Still, Democrats are Democrats. Now it's time to rally in support of this brilliant, highly qualified, and genuinely nice judge. Keep up-to-date at ConfirmThem.com, and sign the petition to confirm Roberts.

And remember: This isn't about whether someone is "conservative" or "liberal." This isn't about policy views at all, because they shouldn't have anything to do with the judiciary. The judiciary has a limited and specifically defined role, and it's not to legislate or execute laws. This battle is simply about confirming a judge who will impartially interpret the Constitution to mean what it was actually written to mean. There's nothing "conservative" or "liberal" about it.

For more: See this article by Peter Sprigg.

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