Thursday, May 05, 2005

An unhealthy substitution

Here's an article about obsessed Walt Disney fans. It seems that because they have no awareness of their purpose in life, they're using Disney to artificially fill the void. Of course, that doesn't solve the problem. They're just fooling themselves.

Consider this guy:

"The bottom line is it makes me happy," said Reiger, 51, a postal worker and part-time magician in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, who has been married six times. "Wives come and go, kids come and go, but Disney is always going to be there for me."

Or this woman:

"Doris had a passion for Disney," said Kevin Digiammarino, her former manager at Disney World. "No matter what she did, it was about Disney."

Such fanatics need to get in touch with the reality that they've been using Disney to substitute for.

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