Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Psychotic college students

Psychotic college students have been filibustering to protest the possible abolishment of the judicial filibuster. Carleton College students are particularly annoying.

President Bush boldly stated recently that leaving Eastern Europe to Communist oppression following WWII was not a good idea. In fact, he said that the killing and tyranny that subsequently occurred was actually "wrong." This has offended many people. Jonah Goldberg and Brent Bozell write about it.

Tom Friedman has the answer to the problem of nuclear proliferation. It's all China and Europe's fault.

Walter Williams writes about "how not to be poor." Personal responsibility is such a great thing.

Republicans in Congress have struggled and disappointed in recent months. Tony Blankley reflects on these events and why things are now looking better.

Bruce Bartlett:

Lately, I have irked some fellow conservatives by attacking the idea of a national retail sales tax to replace our current federal tax system, while at the same time endorsing a value-added tax as a new tax on top of our current tax system. To many of my friends, it looks as if I have switched sides. For their benefit, I would like to explain myself and assure them that I am still a conservative in good standing.

Go here for his pessimistic take on taxes and spending.

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