Wednesday, March 23, 2005

The Terri Schiavo story: An American tragedy

Terri Schiavo continues to starve. Get involved at, or follow the latest news at, BlogsforTerri, or ProLifeBlogs.

In my opinion, whether Terri would want to be fed or not doesn't matter. I don't believe in a "right to die," which certainly isn't in the Constitution. I think suicide is immoral.

Regardless, all we have is her adulterous husband's word (which is contradicted by her other family members). There's nothing in writing about her wishes. Nothing official. So I would think that we should at least allow her parents to feed her.

And there's the claim of many of her medical caretakers that Terri's condition could improve. Her husband has denied her the proper therapy and medical tests, as well: Read this and be outraged. As it is, she's not in a coma; she's not unconscious. She's perfectly healthy, aside from being brain-damaged, and breathes normally. But since she can't feed herself (apparently, though, she might be able to swallow normally with the proper therapy), she must be fed through a tube.

The ironies of this case are amazing. Terri has fewer rights than various endangered animal species. You'll face prison time for starving a dog, but starving Terri to death is mandated by the government. And serial killers may or may not receive the death penalty, which may take years to be actually given, and which will be quick and painless, but an innocent, disabled woman has been given an immediate death sentence by starvation. It's illegal to starve our worst criminals to death, but not our most innocent and helpless. Terri Schiavo for Scott Peterson in a trade?

And there's been an outrageous ABC News poll on the matter that blatantly misleads the American public.

More: Terri's site has tons of info and documentation that's simply astounding. There are sworn affidavits from various doctors and caregivers claiming that Terri's husband seemed to do everything possible to ensure that her condition worsened. Terri used to talk - blurting out things like "help me" and "hi." Her court-ordered murder is simply disgusting.

Watch this video testimony on Fox News from a former caregiver, who was fired after reporting that Michael Schiavo injected Terri with insulin - likely in order to put her in a coma and, eventually, death.

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