Saturday, March 05, 2005

Pathetic Republicans

A brief analysis of George W. Bush's presidency:

After 9/11, excellent foreign policy. Truly heroic, world changing, and necessary.

Good judicial nominations and a solid record on social issues.

Failure to strongly push for conservative ideals with regard to education, reducing spending, cutting programs, and border control. Also, his "faith-based initiatives," while preferable to more generic government welfare, are nevertheless government funded. Still, his focus on tax cuts, social security partial privatization, tort reform, and tax reform have been excellent.

Now, what's worrisome these days is not the president, who's proposed a solid, program-cutting budget and remains passionate about social security reform. It's the Republican Congress, which seems to become more and more fiscally liberal.

They've been reluctant to support the president's budget because it's not liberal enough. And they're not even helping much on social security, either, where some Republicans seem intent on giving up. What's wrong with them? They have a majority! And they have a majority for a reason. They need to be the conservatives they campaigned as.

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