Thursday, December 09, 2004

Serious Problems

The latest Cal Thomas column urges the U.S. to get out of the United Nations. I can't help but agree.

As Thomas writes, "In the U.N., the United States is opposed by dictatorial regimes who are treated as our equals."

How sick is this? A governing body that is supposed to work for good and peace in this world - and corrupt dictatorships are valid members? No wonder the U.N. won't make decisions to confront evil and is thus completely ineffective. No wonder the oil-for-food scandal happened. All of this, it seems, because the U.N. embraces a "flawed philosophy that believes humans are basically good." Hence the euphemizing of evil.

Furthermore, says Thomas:
The U.S. presence in the U.N. gives credence to dictators and prevents accountability by most nations. Consider the worthless resolutions passed by the U.N. to control Saddam Hussein before the United States took them seriously and did what the U.N. was afraid to do: act.

Too many U.N. members hate us because our decisiveness exposes their vacillation. The world would be better off without this body and with an association of democracies in its place.
Democracies only, that is. While I suspect that leaving would at least pressure the U.N. to reform, we aren't about to do that anytime soon. But in the meantime, we can still stand up for freedom and democracy and hope the world, for once, follows suit.

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