Sunday, December 05, 2004

Peter Parker Says 'Whatever It Takes'

Now that Spider-Man 2 is out on DVD...

S. T. Karnick writes an interesting article comparing Peter Parker's predicament in the film with America's situation in the War on Terror. An excerpt:
...Peter has been given great power in his gifts as Spider-Man. And as this film makes quite clear, Peter's renunciation of these gifts must result in a great loss not for himself but for the rest of the world. Indeed, when Peter temporarily abjures his life as Spider-Man, crime and other tragedies in the city increase dramatically.

It is, of course, this great responsibility to his community that Peter must not renounce. And this dilemma has a distinct political resonance. The United States, of course, is routinely referred to as a Great Power, and Peter's dilemma is the predicament that faces the United States in the post-September 11 world. America can either turn its back on its neighbors, enjoy increasing bourgeois comfort and pleasures, and earn the affection of Europe, Russia, and the cosmopolites of the domestic media -- or do what most of us see as our duty and fight a lonely, dangerous War on Terror with uncertain outcome.
"With great power comes great responsibity." Spider-Man sacrificed, and so must we.

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