Saturday, November 06, 2004

Advice for the Democratic Party

The Democrats have a problem, and I think it's because they're too liberal.

Believe it or not, Americans still retain some real conservative instincts. Compared to Europe, we are downright religious and obsessed with free enterprise. We take pride in our "exceptionalism" and loathe French-like appeasement and moral weakness. "Welfare" is an evil word. And no successful Democrat can admit to being a "liberal" anymore.

The heart of America resents the Democratic Party's close association with the anti-Christian ACLU, the America-hating Michael Moore, the anti-war hippies, every amoral Hollywood celebrity, and all the forces working to destroy the traditional family and moral roots that make this nation great.

What to do about this? I propose that the Democrats shift more toward the center on every issue. This way, they won't have to lie and euphemize to get votes - religious demagoguery, pretending to oppose abortion, etc.

Of course, this would hurt the Republican Party in the short term; the more radical the Democrats are, the more successful the GOP is. But a Democratic shift to the middle will allow the Republicans to shift farther to the right to maintain the party difference. Thus, the political center will move to the right as well - and this can only be a good thing. Tomorrow's Dems will become today's GOP.

Not that I would really mind a Howard Dean-led party nominating Hillary Clinton and again paving the way for Republican success in the near future.

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